Celina Hubmann was born in Vienna, on the 14th of February, 1994. She grew up in the south of Vienna, in the town of Gumpoldskirchen, reknown for it’s wines.

At a very early age she recognized her love for music and, due to support she received from parents and grandparents (especially her grandfather, a talented musician himself), she was able to dedicate a lot of time to her music.

Her musical career started at the tender age of three, when she received a musical education for children, as well as singing lessons. At this time she also started with lessons for the recorder. At the age of eight she switched from the recorder to the transverse flute. For the next ten years she would study the transverse flute under Birgit Schwarz at the Joe Zawinul school of music, Gumpoldskirchen. 

Another major influence for the soprano was the well known children’s choir ‚Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen‘. The time with the choir brought with it many unique experiences such as a tour with José Carreras to Rome, singing ‚Evita‘ with musical star Maya Hakvoort at the theatre in Baden, numerous TV-appearances, Licht ins Dunkel‘ or ‚Musikantenstadl‘. Other highlights with the choir were engagements at the Viennese Concert Hall, Musikverein and the Hofburg, the musical festival at Grafenegg, and even an audience with the pope in Rome. 

Celina gathered further experience singing with choirs at the Viennese Singing Academy in the Concert Hall Vienna, the school choir of the school for music and arts, Hegelgasse 12, Vienna, in the chamber choir of Professor Kamper at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, and the Franciscan church, Salzburg. 

Since 2013 an essential part of her training as a musician are the piano lessons. 

Her solo singing teachers have been Andreas Schagerl, Martina Hetzenauer, Nina Edelmann and Evelyn Schörkhuber at the Joe Zawinul school of music, Gumpoldskirchen. 2014 Celina started with her academic studies (singing, Voice Pedagogy) with John Thomasson at the Mozarteum, Salzburg. 

Since 2015 she also studies transverse flute (Instrumental Pedagogy) with Britta Bauer at the Mozarteum, Salzburg.

The soprano participated in regional and national competitions like Prima La Musica 2008 (regional, 3rd place transverse flute), Prima La Musica 2014 (regional, 1st place singing), Prima La Musica 2014 (national, 2nd place singing).

Celina attended numerous courses to further build her voice and skills at the transverse flute like the chamber music festival Allegro Vivo 2013 (master class transverse flute, Barbara Gisler-Haase), Allegro Vivo 2014 (master class transverse flute with Fereshteh Rahbari), Allegro Vivo 2014 (master class singing with Claudia Visca) Austrian Master Classes 2008 and 2013 (transverse flute with Francesca Canali) and the 2014 master class singing with Kurt Widmer in Basel, Switzerland.

The lyric soprano very much looks forward to the next challenges.